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Welcome to celebrated it's seventh birthday on 28th March 2016. Thank you for your interest and support.

I'm back in the swing now and have 3 aquascapes on the go and keeping up with their maintenance as well. Keep checking for updates and additions and many thanks for your continued interest.

Apologies but this main page will be getting quite long for the next couple of months as I show off all the projects that I have recommenced and completed this year.

Home6 Colorado
May update and some revisions to the original plan but not much changes..

Home6Tropicana Paradiso
A few more shots of this aquascape now that I have installed my backlighting. The aquascape is now 2 weeks old.

home3Where have all the hedgerows gone
A little ultra low maintenance aquascape which was a present to my son on his 9th birthday.

home3Trio turntable restoration
After purchasing a 70s vintage turntable I decided to restore it as well as veneering its plinth.

home3Rotel Stereo Receiver restoration
Of course if you buy a 70s vintage turntable then you need a vintage 70s stereo receiver to go with it. And why not veneer it to match the turntable.

home3Lounge Re-design and decoration
A change of design and 4 years after starting its complete..

home3DIY LED Luminaire Mk III.
The last 2 builds have proved to be the most popular sections of this website. The MkIII version is an exposed slimline clear acrylic style and is now in action over an aquascape.

home3The "GreenNeedle" Bathroom
A project that started in August 2010 and then had a four year hiatus as a work in progress is finally completed in July 2015

home5Matching veneered cabinets.

With me moving my style to minimalist and white walls I wanted some new furniture to compliment it. This means a pair of matching cabinets.